Creating Image File for KVM using CEPH

Is there any difference between: <pre> # rbd -p kvmpool create demo1 –size 1G –image-format 2 –image-feature layering </pre> and <pre> # qemu-img create -f rbd rbd:kvmpool/demo2 1G </pre> Yes! There is and the feature wise qemu-img had included a lot. Below are differences: <pre> # rbd -p kvmpool info demo1 rbd image ‘demo1’: size 1 GiB […]

Engineering Services

Helping my friend to promote his company. His company known as Amply Engineering. Below is his website: Dealing lots of engineering related repairs and many other highend repairing jobs.

New Site: EchoWii

Hi All, I am introducing my new site: This will be all related to my multirotor designs and all my experience. I am custom making the Flight Controller and everything going to be sharing out to everyone who is interested to build one for hobby…. Have a nice day.

Speed Up Raspberry Pi Zero/B/B+/A Random Generator

Well, being a raspberry pi fans, I used to create many of the IoT devices using Raspberry Pi. Always facing the same problem and forgotten the needed package -> haveged. Just apt install haveged and it will helps for generating keys by at least x2 amount of time when without the haveged package installed. This will greatly helps […]

Debian Linux TouchPad Unable to Activate Touch Click

Somehow after some minor updates, the touchpad functionality had gone. No matter how I configure the touchpad over the settings still not working. The only way I found now is: Open the terminal then type “synclient TapButton1=1 TapButton2=3 TapButton3=2”. This works to me. Next is to add in to the .bashrc. Hope this helps.

Toyota Prius Traction Battery Fix (DIY)

Do you ever having experience on Check Hybrid System? Trying to get your nearest Service Center to fix and they just will get you to replace the whole Traction Battery. The costs of it will be as high as RM10k including labour charges. What had happened to me was the Toyota Service Center at Puchong […]

Some Traffic Test

Recently, I am working on some RnD about traffic. This is the link that linking back to my page:

NetData is COOL

Recently, my friend send me this Netdata and is pretty cool!! Just git clone and install. # download it – the directory ‘netdata.git’ will be created git clone –depth=1 cd netdata # build it ./ In order to view it, either using ssh tunneling to the server and use the web browser point to […]

Installing Percona Mysql – Server on Debian

Since percona is getting popular, the repository for Debian are easily apt-get install. We just need to wget the repo and update it following with an install process. Below are the steps: # wget # dpkg -i *.deb # apt-get update # apt-get install percona-server-server-5.7 #percona #percona_mysql #mysql #db

Standard Debian LXC Containers TODO

Usually, the default containers do not have the configuration we need. The below steps are quite crucial: # echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf # /bin/mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/networking.service.d/ # This is to make sure the folder is being created. # echo -e “[Service]\nTimeoutStartSec=5” > /etc/systemd/system/networking.service.d/reduce-timeout.conf # This is to make sure the network starting time will […]