Creating Image File for KVM using CEPH

Is there any difference between:
# rbd -p kvmpool create demo1 –size 1G –image-format 2 –image-feature layering
# qemu-img create -f rbd rbd:kvmpool/demo2 1G

Yes! There is and the feature wise qemu-img had included a lot.
Below are differences:
# rbd -p kvmpool info demo1
rbd image ‘demo1’:
size 1 GiB in 256 objects
order 22 (4 MiB objects)
id: 121c56b8b4567
block_name_prefix: rbd_data.121c56b8b4567
format: 2
features: layering
create_timestamp: Tue Mar 5 21:46:03 2019
# rbd -p kvmpool info demo2
rbd image ‘demo2’:
size 1 GiB in 256 objects
order 22 (4 MiB objects)
id: 121c96b8b4567
block_name_prefix: rbd_data.121c96b8b4567
format: 2
features: layering, exclusive-lock, object-map, fast-diff, deep-flatten
create_timestamp: Tue Mar 5 21:46:33 2019

So, it seems the qemu-img had included a lot features for the KVM usage in CEPH.

Engineering Services

Helping my friend to promote his company. His company known as Amply Engineering. Below is his website:
Dealing lots of engineering related repairs and many other highend repairing jobs.

Speed Up Raspberry Pi Zero/B/B+/A Random Generator

Well, being a raspberry pi fans, I used to create many of the IoT devices using Raspberry Pi. Always facing the same problem and forgotten the needed package -> haveged. Just apt install haveged and it will helps for generating keys by at least x2 amount of time when without the haveged package installed. This will greatly helps whoever is using Raspberry Pi.

Debian Linux TouchPad Unable to Activate Touch Click

Somehow after some minor updates, the touchpad functionality had gone. No matter how I configure the touchpad over the settings still not working. The only way I found now is:

Open the terminal then type “synclient TapButton1=1 TapButton2=3 TapButton3=2”.

This works to me. Next is to add in to the .bashrc.

Hope this helps.

Toyota Prius Traction Battery Fix (DIY)

Do you ever having experience on Check Hybrid System? Trying to get your nearest Service Center to fix and they just will get you to replace the whole Traction Battery. The costs of it will be as high as RM10k including labour charges. What had happened to me was the Toyota Service Center at Puchong claims that my warranty is already expired and also there are two missed service schedules. In order to replace the battery, I will need to pay my own rather warranty getting from Toyota. What they did not tell us is the battery actually NO ISSUE at all!

Thanks to Toyota, I finally dismentled the whole traction battery and what I found out was astonishing. Why? See the below images:
Try to notice the busbars. Almost every busbars are rusty.
These busbars are on another side on the battery.

Do you want to see more what is look like in between the nuts? Well, It is the residue of the reaction caused by our tropical climate. This is the front on the busbars that all the residue builts up causing the electrical charges are not efficient enough and making the battery weak.

This is the behind of the busbars. So, this explains why our traction battery getting weak and making the Check Hybrid System message on the screen.


What I had done to the busbars was cleaning them up with some solutions and soaking it. At the same time doing the battery balancing. Due to series of battery linking up forming 201.6v, over time the center of the cells weaken. What we need to do is try to charge up the batteries and equalized them. Due to lack of equipments, I had linked all the batteries terminals (-) to (-) and (+) to (+) and let them equalized themself for about 6 hours. Below image using MacGyver way to link the batteries up. Becareful when performing this. DO NOT short the batteries.

Below is the output from what I had measured from the traction batteries voltage. It indicates the center cells are very weak and both ends are having high voltage.voltages

Next, after finish cleaning up the busbars, time to assemble back to the busbars rails. Not 100% clean but at least no more residue causing high resistance for the batteries.busbars04

The back of the busbars also bright and clean.busbars03

The busbars in macro view. Clean and shiny.

busbars05Time to put back all the covers. I didn’t lift up everything from the car during this process. What I had done was trying to disconnect as little connection as possible. This will give me less error.reassemble

I was using a cheap multimeter to measure the voltages of the batteries after finishing the balancing. This is what it should be 🙂meter01

Want to see the real results after the assembly? I am using Torque Pro (From Google PlayStore) and a OBDII ELM327 plug into the Prius. It shows all the voltages are almost the same. The maximum differences is just about 0.1 volt. Before that, the voltage differences can up to 1.5 volts which is ridiculous.result01

After 30 days of driving, the message (Check Hybrid System) no longer appear and I am having back the feel of driving this Prius. The battery is like new and is the same original traction battery.

From this post, I hope can help others to save your penny and do not waste on getting new battery first. My car is about 8 years old. This battery should be able to last upto 15 years or more. Read this as I was doing the research before fixing this battery.


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NetData is COOL

Recently, my friend send me this Netdata and is pretty cool!!
Just git clone and install.

# download it - the directory 'netdata.git' will be created
git clone --depth=1
cd netdata

# build it

In order to view it, either using ssh tunneling to the server and use the web browser point to the port 19999. e.g.: http://localhost:19999


Standard Debian LXC Containers TODO

Usually, the default containers do not have the configuration we need. The below steps are quite crucial:

# echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf
# /bin/mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/networking.service.d/         # This is to make sure the folder is being created.
# echo -e "[Service]\nTimeoutStartSec=5" > /etc/systemd/system/networking.service.d/reduce-timeout.conf          # This is to make sure the network starting time will not hang the whole container.
# passwd        # Changing the password of the root user

Next is to lxc-console to the container and setup the pre-requisite packages.

FromHost# lxc-console -n thenewcontainername
Connected to tty 1
Type  to exit the console,  to enter Ctrl+a itself

Debian GNU/Linux 8 thenewcontainername tty1

thenewcontainername login: root